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PRESS RELEASE: Now Is the Time to Take Stock of Current Boiler Layup Methods!

As the weather cools and facility managers turn their thoughts to restarting boiler heating systems, now is an excellent time to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of current layup methods. Short of a full internal inspection before bringing the boiler back into service, water treatment specialists can identify problems with the existing preservation system by noting a spike in iron levels in feedwater, boiler water, and even condensate samples upon startup. The iron represents unchecked corrosion that took place in the boiler system during layup and/or refilling with makeup water. Even where telltale signs of corrosion are absent, the very ease of Boiler Lizard® Plus recommends it as a preferred alternative to standard methods of boiler layup.

The Boiler Lizard® Plus

Cortec’s Boiler Lizard® Plus is an easy-to-use, two-part complete preservation kit for dry layup of boilers. The kit combines a Boiler Lizard®, well-known for easy and effective dry layup, with the Boiler Eggwhich activates at the end of layup to protect against oxygen pitting at a critical time until the boiler reaches normal operating conditions. Boiler Lizard® Plus is designed to provide continuous vapor-phase corrosion protection throughout boiler internals after a boiler has been drained for seasonal or long-term layup. These Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors protect even recessed and difficult-to-reach areas by diffusing and forming a molecular layer on the metal surface within the enclosed space. The Boiler Egg™ will lie intact
and dormant until the boiler is started, then will dissolve and begin to scavenge oxygen and passivate metal during the initial filling of the boiler with makeup water, which is often unheated and not chemically treated. Together, the two components of the Boiler Lizard
® Plus help protect against short-term corrosion problems (e.g., clogging, leakages, and negative reactions with water treatment chemicals) while also promoting an overall longer boiler service life.

A Superior Method of Boiler Layup

The Boiler Lizard® is truly superior to traditional forms of protection including nitrogen blanketing, hydrazine, and silica gel. The first two corrosion
inhibiting methods are well-known for health and safety risks. These risks can effortlessly be avoided by using the Boiler Lizard
®, which is
easy to handle and furthermore does not require constant pressurization or monitoring. The third, silica gel, is extremely common and inexpensive
but can cause more hassle than it is worth in the long run. Regular monitoring and replacement of spent desiccant is necessary to maintain moisture absorption throughout layup, and removal of silica gel before startup is tedious or too often forgotten. In contrast, the Boiler Lizard
® provides active corrosion protection even in the presence of moisture. Little to no surface prep is required, and, if used in the waterside, the Boiler Lizard® does not even need to be removed.

Comprehensive Corrosion Protection Through Boiler Startup

The Boiler Egg™ completes the Boiler Lizard® Plus kit and extends corrosion protection to the all-important startup period, when the risk for oxygen pitting from unheated, untreated makeup water is higher. This comprehensive layup/startup preservation system is ideal for annual seasonal layup of heating system boilers, or for temporarily offline boilers used to generate steam and process heat in everything from manufacturing plants to hospitals. Boiler Egg™ is perfect for cases when a plant unexpectedly decides to re-fire its boiler, but its water treatment specialist may not be able to
arrive onsite immediately to get the normal operating water treatment program launched. With the Boiler Egg
, facility workers can start
up the boiler right away without corrosion problems in the meantime.

The Boiler Lizard® Plus is unmatched in the water treatment industry and should be duly considered for its many advantages over traditional layup
methods. Take stock of your own layup system today and contact us for more information on the Boiler Lizard
® Plus:

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